Libraries play a very crucial role in supporting the academic programs of any university as it identifies, evaluates, procures, processes, and the makes these learning resources available to the faculty and student for their teaching, learning and research assignments.

       The Caraga State University (CSU) Library in support to the attainment of the mandate of the University specifically the educational objectives endeavors to provide relevant materials and services. It has a program of selection, acquisition, collection maintainance and stocking, circulation of relevant materials, and provision of physical facilities and professional manpower. It positions itself to respond to the changing expectations faced by the University which paves way to the changing needs of its clientele, and the curricular offerings.



       The CSU Library envisions to be a leading repository of knowledge in the pursuit of globally competitive academic aspirations of the University with respect to the advancement of science and technology for the changing demands of Caraga Region.


       It is committed to sustain an excellent bank of information to support the services of the empowering stakeholders with knowledge and skills relevant to the broad-based development of the region.


       To ensure a well organized library system with a vast collection of information and education materials relative to the academic programs of the University and the societal demand of the region.


1. Develop collections of materials that support, enrich and satisfy the curricula and research needs of stakeholders;

2.  Effect a universally-accepted library system of organization and circulation;

3. Ensure the provision and maintainance of efficient facilities and equipment for quality library services and operations;

4. Install a computerized system of information access for wider information coverage and facilitated library operations;

Rules and Regulation

1. Always use appropriate voice level.

2. No eating and drinking at reader’s area.

3. Keep away books from rain, water and dust.

4. Do not write or draw anything in our books.

5. Cellular Phone should be put to silent mode.

6. Answering phone calls inside the library is not allowed.

7. Walk quietly into the library.

8. Never run around the hallway outside the library premises.